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At Maganlal Chikki today, quality is never compromised. We are proud to state that in view of motivation to small scale industries our ‘Chikki Manufacturing Unit’ at Maganlal Food Products was selected as Pilot Project by UNIDO, FICCI (Quality Forum) & MARATHA CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE (PUNE). Under the guidance of these honorable authorities, we have met the expectations and requirements of International Code of Practice.


Total labour strength: 40 Skilled laborers: 19 Unskilled laborers: 21


1. Burners 2. Electric Roaster 3. Excruder 4. Shearer 5. Crusher 6. Ganging Roll 7. Gang Cutter 8. Floor Wrapper * The machinery are all custom made by reputed internationally recognized company.


Presently we are manufacturing a wide range of Nutritional bars. Our daily turnover with established manpower and machinery amounts to 2000 kgs. We can increase the capacity to 5 tons per day.


Bars OR Chikki as called are very rich in nutritional value They contain Jaggery, Glucose and Sugar which provides nourishment and energy to the human body. For this very reason these prove to be a highly nutritious food. It is easily digestable, chewable and provides instant energy. It does not contain synthetic agents like preservatives or food colours and is suitable for all ages, sex or classes of people.


Lonavla is situated 60km from Pune and 110km from Mumbai so it has an easy access to both worlds so to speak. Moreover to manufacture a world class product like this we have the infrastructure of an Industrialized Estate. Additionally our Company is located just 2 km from the Railway Station and Bus Stand respectively. The manufacturing Unit is located in an ideal climate most suitable for food industry. This product will not retain the same its original taste & aroma if manufactured in a city like Mumbai. The factory has a sufficient convenient working space with a sizable area of 6500 sq. ft.

Why Lonavla?

The clean air and pollution free atmosphere of a Hill Station like Lonavla, which is at an altitude of 620 meters above sea level, proves to be just the ideal place for manufacturing a splendid product like Chikki. In the past Lonavla proved to be just the ideal place for making ‘gud dani’ and today it still retains the reputation for being the best place for manufacturing these energy bars / Chikki. Lonavla has a population of about 6 lakhs with more than 50 different manufacturers of chikki, each operating under a different brand name; we being the largest. Lonavala offers tremendous sale potential to this product.